Auto Door Latch Defects

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Door latch for GL-550 MBZ

Many people who commute as a matter of course, assume if they are in a pinch, that the last thing they need to worry about, is their car door opening ease free. If there is an emergency that requires you to vacate your vehicle, sometimes, vehicle door defects can be exacerbated by a serious impact to your conveyance.  If a poorly made car door latch, or door traps you in the car, you can be burned alive, or worse. Ehline Law Firm PC is a greatly experienced products liability law firm who is here to assist you in making insurance and court claims against all potential defendants who brought your poorly made automobile to market. In fact, we are a statewide firm, with millions of dollars in economic recover for victims just like you in tragic cases, just like this.

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  • Remote rode defects can cause a door to open during an impact
  • Retaining a well trained door rod and defect attorney matters

Nationwide Vehicle Defect Door Latch Defect Lawyers

Call Ehline Law right now and you too, will discover whey we are the premier law firm when a client needs an advocate to focus on vehicle safety defects like a laser beam. For at least 10 years, our attorneys have physically gone to the accident scenes, and seen the aftermath of devastating defective car door cases, such as those brought about by a sideswipe or head on collision to the side of a car.

Scenarios include doors swinging ajar during an impact, and ejecting the occupants, to a doors jamming closed and requiring the jaws of life to open them. Being killed is a risk that is greatly increased in either above scenario. In fact, a fatality is twenty three (23 times) times greater if a vehicle passenger or driver is thrown out of a moving or crashed vehicle. [1. NHTSA ]. The auto industry conglomerates are commanded by law to manufacture  doors and door latches capable of operating after “up to” certain amounts of forces and impact strains and events.  However, the law does not set forth that crash test dummies be used to mimic real life scenarios to assess the dynamism involved.

In most cases, information as to the physical energy and power a door can withstand is virtually inaccessible, and we have to take the builder’s word for it.  Our firm is at the ready to tell the auto makers that federal standards are a floor and not a ceiling, and that had they taken reasonable safety steps during testing, people may still be unharmed. It may just be that a fault or defective door latch is responsible for your injuries.

Remote Rod Defects

Other issues that can arise in a products case like this, are those involving the “remote rod”. This is the device that connects the latch and handle of the car door.  These remote rods have been know to fail, break or twist during the physical impact of a bad vehicle strike, which, as discussed above, can actually pop the door open when you least expert it!

The scariest of wrecks revolve around tension-type rods. These are more common in older vehicles, and it is suggested that responsible manufacturers recall and replace these with the more modern compression-type linkages, that are much safer for travelers. The structure of the opening and hatch itself is just as important, because this provides some basic armor to shield the remote rod, by encasing it and keeping it from bending as easily as it would without a barrier.  The finest cars are those equipped with doors that contain multiple retention points as part of their structure.

Hiring the Right Vehicle Door Defect Attorney

Because your motor vehicle door is so important to preventing a death or permanent disability, it is a vital piece of safety equipment.  If a poorly designed or manufactured automobile door worsened or caused your suffering, Ehline Law Firm is primed and equipped with the knowledge, training and skill, as well as the human experts and intellectual mechanics to handle your products defect case. For more than a decade, our lawyers have appeared on behalf of consumers and victims throughout the world. Whether as pro hac vice, or as lead counsel, we are ready, willing and able to strike while the iron is hot, and build the value of your personal injury case. Call us now for a free legal consultation.