Defective Glass Lawsuits

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Safety glass can cause injuries

Every vehicle on the roadway contains tempered glass windows, windshield, and back window, along with vehicles that have sunroof windows. Homes on the other hand, are not always equipped with safety glass. When a vehicle wreck occurs these windows can shatter, causing serious laceration injuries to the driver and passengers in the vehicle, and this can also produce an opening where a person can be ejected from the vehicle. When it occurs in a home, sharp shards from older glass, or glass windows that is not made with laminates, etc, can sever muscles and main arteries, causing death, or it can leave ghastly scars.

Either way, Ehline Law has the resolve in going after landlords who have violated safety and building codes, and manufacturers of vehicles with faulty or defective glass. We have a proven background, with a record of millions of dollars recovered for personal injury victims. Let us know about your case before you speak to anyone.

  • Windshields must be constructed to be a safe product
  • Lacerations from high and low speed vehicle ejections
  • Residential and commercial structures
  • Hiring a legal representative to sue

Windshields Must Be Built Safe

There are requirements for manufacturers that make windshields for motor vehicles; this glass is made of laminated glass, which has two layers of tempered glass that is sandwiched with a special plastic inner layer. This glass should be manufactured in a way that will help hold the tempered glass together in a shocking event like a crash, which will prevent lacerations and drivers or passengers being ejected from the vehicle. There are some luxury vehicles that may not possess this type of glass that will not shatter.

Laceration Ejections From Vehicles

When a laceration injury or an ejection occurs during an auto accident, the Ehline Law firm has the experience and the experts to investigate if the injuries were caused due to a glass defect. You hire a jurist who possesses the skill needed to prepare a claim against the auto glass manufacturer and to recover the best possible settlement.


Residential and Commercial Windows

Houses sometimes have grandfather provisions allowing old shower doors that are unsafe, to remain in homes, or old exterior windows to go unreplaced.  But there are many situations in which the structure owner can be held liable if a child or adult is hurt despite such a provision. More often though, is the case that a product was delivered to market like a window, or window pane, that was not up to modern safety standards, and a person was injured. Each jurisdiction has regulations.  Ehline Law specializes in discovering this information and getting that big money defendant on the hook for their sin of placing profits over people

Getting Legal Counsel

So if you suffered an injury from defective safety glass, contact Ehline Law Firm PC. Call now: (888) 400-9721.