Italian Supreme Court Cell Phone Decision

How Am I Affected?

Italian Supreme Court on Cell Phones

By Ehline Law Firm PC - Unless you are an Italian citizen joining in the class-action lawsuit, it probably will not directly affect you, with the exception of calls from concerned parents, grandparents, an aunt, uncle or even a work colleague. The Italian Supreme Court has ruled that there is a link between cell phone use and brain tumors.

When looked at objectively, it doesn’t really mean much, unless you are Italian and join in the class-action lawsuit and recover an award. The Italian Supreme Court had no new information to base their decision, on this controversial idea that cell phones are bad to use health wise. There are several points that can be used to reassure anyone that might have concerns about you using your cell phone.

First You Can Explain Why and How This Decision Was Made.

The Italian Supreme Court based their decision on one case, of a man using a cell phone to make work-related calls, over a period of twelve years, six hours a day. The man developed a neuroma, like in the Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie 50/50. It was operated on and was not cancerous. There is a large difference between malignant and non-malignant tumors, plus the fact that it may not have occurred due to cell phone use at all.

Put Things into Perspective

First, if the condition was caused by cell phone use, how often do you spend a continuous six hours a day on the phone? This amounts to approximately one quarter of your life with a cell phone stuck to your ear.

Secondly the Italians, as a rule are more suspicious of cellular use than most other countries. This is clear with the way they are uneasy with mobile technology and described in the Economist. Cell phone masts are often disguised in Italy, such as the arches of hamburger restaurants, as crosses or even as palm trees.

There are Credible Authority Figures That are Not of the Exact Same Opinion

There are authority figures like the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society, have addressed the possible dangers of cell phone use and are admit that more research is necessary, before they weigh-in. The organizations that are against the use of cigarettes, have not demanded that warning labels be issued with the sale of cell phones, like they have with cigarettes.

The World Health Organization on the other hand has listed cell phones as a “possible carcinogen.” This places cell phones in the same category as chloroform, but coffee is on this list also. (Click PDF Here.)

Cell phones that are sold legally within the United States, must follow the FCC limits for radiation, which can be absorbed by the body. The limit they have set is 1.6 watts per kilogram. The iPhone emits .988 W/kg, which is far below the FCC radiation limit.

A similar case last year was declined by the U.S. Supreme Court, as the one the Italian Supreme Court used as their basis for their decision. Few people, who are worried about the effects of cell phone use, will remember this declined case.

If more proof is needed to convince a concerned relative or friend, about cell phone use then it can be explained that most experts feel there is not enough evidence to assume that there is a link between cell phone use and brain tumors.

Over the past two years there have been two major studies conducted, which downplayed any link with cancer. One of these was conducted in Denmark, including every adult over the age of 30, which found no links between the use of cell phones and an increase in the development of brain cancer. Another study that was done, which was a long-term study, also did not find an increase of glioma, and any link that was found was at high level exposure.

Researchers were not at ease making any conclusions and determined it was necessary to do more research. There might be other studies that have not been released yet, however it is a large stretch the Italian Supreme Court decided, claiming there is a direct link between cell phone use and brain tumors. Most scientists are not comfortable making this link and more comfortable talking about associations, as possibilities. All agree there is more research required, before there can be a definite linking of the two.

By This Time Anyone Concerned, Should be Convinced Microwaves and cell phones emit the same type of radiation

With another study finding that after 50 minutes of cell phone use, there was an increase brain glucose metabolism, which was termed as an “unknown clinical significance.” They are not sure if this is bad or not, but some assume it is not good. (Click Here.)

In Italy, the Supreme Court, used research by Swedish cancer specialist Lennart Hardell, which they believed was highly credible, since he is not associated with any mobile phone companies. The data from 8 studies, Hardell found there was a five times increased glioma risk for use of a cell prior to age 20. He stated that children have thinner bones and a smaller brain, making them more vulnerable to the negative cost of being microwaved.

Assure the person worried about cell phone use: All of the data is not in, more research needs to be done. That preventive measures can be used, like using Blootooth, the speaker or earphones.

Texting is another option, which will keep the cell away from the head. If the person is still unsure about cell phone use and health effects.

If the person that was concerned is still unsure about health effects, assure them there are much more dangerous uses of a cell phone. These include texting while driving, or talking on a handheld cell, which is extremely dangerous for the driver and other vehicles around them.

Talking on a handheld phone while driving, is so dangerous, that it is actually illegal in many U.S. states. Sexting is also dangerous, especially with someone that is not known personally in real life. These are things the concerned person should be worried about anyone they know doing, with their cell phone, rather than the need for more research to see if there really is a connection with brain cancer.